Floor Scales and Heavy Duty Scales

For heavy duty weighing applications including floor scales, monorail scales, and pallet truck scales, METTLER TOLEDO offers a variety of product solutions for hygienically sensitive, dry or dusty, hazardous, and many other environments where you operate. Rugged METTLER TOLEDO floor scales are built for accurate weighing in challenging surroundings. Self-contained monorail weighing assemblies are easy to install in new or existing monorail systems, and pallet truck scales offer you precision weighing in a mobile solution.

Stainless Steel Floor Scale

Hygienically designed floor scales from METTLER TOLEDO provide excellent weighing in wet, clean or humid environments.

high precision floor scale

Highly accurate and built tough, these reliable floor scales will deliver high quality and precision for a wide variety of industrial weighing applications.

Dry Steel Floor Scale

Stainless steel scales built for a wide range of tough industrial environments, receive accurate and reliable weighing from METTLER TOLEDO solutions every time.

industrial floor scale

Simple and reliable with rugged construction for long-lasting performance, METTLER TOLEDO offers basic floor scales suitable for many industrial applications at an affordable cost.

heavy capacity floor scale

Floor scales tailored for your special construction needs. METTLER TOLEDO solutions provide greater accuracy in heavy duty weighing applications, ideal for weighing steel coils and heavy freight with high load concentrations.

pallet truck scale

Weigh more quickly, productively and accurately in your logistics operation with mobile pallet trucks scales offered by METTLER TOLEDO.

Monorail Weigh Module

Easily convert an overhead track system into a scale with these self-contained weigh modules. With easy installation and accuracy to 2 kg, you will save time and make weighing an integral part of your manufacturing process.

monorail overhead track scale

Self-contained monorail scales from METTLER TOLEDO can be easily integrated into an existing monorail system, is able to withstand high-pressure washdowns, and is perfectly suited for heavy-duty meat processing.

pallet floor scale

Built for a variety of busy logistics applications, achieve greater productivity and cost effectiveness by having the ability to weigh anywhere with pallets scales from METTLER TOLEDO.

portable floor scale

Portable floor scales that offer greater flexibility and toughness in versatile industrial environments, combined with the precision and reliability guaranteed by METTLER TOLEDO solutions.