Hazardous Area Scales and Solutions

METTLER TOLEDO hazardous-area solutions can help you meet safe operation and environmental standards while increasing productivity and product quality with globally approved equipment for hazardous environments. Whether you weigh in Zone 1 or 21, Division 1, Zone 2 and 22 or Division 2, METTLER TOLEDO ensures accurate weighing with balances, indicators and accessories, weigh modules and weighing platforms of any size, shape and capacity.

hazardous area load cell

Safety is just as important as accuracy in hazardous area weighing applications. These weigh modules and load cells can boost process productivity while keeping your workplace safe.

hazardous area truck scales

METTLER TOLEDO weighbridge and truck scale components are intrinsically safe while ensuring highly accurate results. These solutions can be customized or simply integrated into your existing process.

hazardous area rail scales

Weighing railcars in dangerous environments requires safety while not compromising accuracy. METTLER TOLEDO rail scales are equipped with the components that meet hazardous-area requirements on the tracks.

hazardous area terminals

METTLER TOLEDO hazardous-area weighing terminals are designed for safe and efficient performance in potentially explosive environments.

Hazardous Area Scale

Accurate and safe weighing is critical in hazardous environments. These bench and compact scales meet all safety standards while ensuring METTLER TOLEDO quality.

hazardous area floor scales

Perfect for any type of hazardous industrial environment, METTLER TOLEDO floor scales meet the most rigorous safety and quality requirements. Seamless integration into your current process will increase productivity.