Rail Scales

Whether your rail car is static or moving, Rusty’s Weigh has a reliable solution for your rail weighing needs. Upgrade your older scale with the newest METTLER TOLEDO weighing technology to ensure your weighing accuracy or even add a truck scale to your rail scale. All rail scale weighing needs are unique and we’ve got a solution to match or we will develop one specifically for you.

static rail scale

METTLER TOLEDO rail scales allow you to weigh motionless rail cars with the highest accuracy. Our static rail scale is built with durability to ensure precise results year after year.

Rail Scale

Eliminate the costs and hazards of manually uncoupling and positioning each car for weighing by weighing in-motion. METTLER TOLEDO’s Coupled-In-Motion Rail Scale facilitates safe and precise weighing of entire trains at speeds up to 10 km/hour (6 mph) to get goods to their destination faster.

load cell conversion

Upgrade your rail scale by replacing obsolete weighing systems with advanced POWERCELL® PDX load cells. Rail-scale conversion kits allow you to easily retrofit existing truck and rail scales with advanced load cells or update previous generations to the latest technology.

truck and rail scale

For weighing both rail cars and trucks, we offer one METTLER TOLEDO scale to satisfy all of your weighing needs. Reduce your equipment and maintenance costs with a truck and rail scale, which combines a platform for weighing trucks with a static railroad scale.