Truck Scales and Solutions

We offer METTLER TOLEDO truck scale and weighbridge solutions, interfaces, software and accessories to meet your industrial weighing needs. Designed with the most innovative, accurate and reliable systems, METTLER TOLEDO truck scales provide businesses with solutions to streamline operations and maximize efficiency.

off road weighbridge

For accurate weighing of off-road applications and hauling vehicles, our off-road weighbridges are suitable for loads from 50 to 500t. The flexible steed deck design of these products allow for customization to fit your weighing needs.

truck scale upgrade

Upgrade your vehicle scale to the most advanced weighing systems available. A new POWERCELL PDX load-cell system is a cost-effective way to modernize and extend the life of the scale you already own. Save money and ensure accuracy with a simple one-day scale upgrade.

vehicle management software

Manage data and control your weighing process with METTLER TOLEDO vehicle scale management software. Features including clear data visualization, automation and fraud prevention, real-time data sharing and customized user roles will enable you to monitor your business effectively and efficiently.

truck scale load cell

METTLER TOLEDO POWERCELL load cells deliver industry leading accuracy and reliability, a lower total cost of ownership, and a 10 Year Comprehensive Warranty.

truck and rail scale

Weigh rail cars and trucks and reduce costs with a combination truck and rail scale. Our scale converts a section of railroad track into a scale, allowing for a simplified weighing process.

over road truck scale

Designed for trucks that are used in normal highway transportation, our weighbridges use POWERCELL load cell technology to provide exceptional performance and durability. Choose from a wide range of METTLER TOLDEDO steel and concrete deck truck scale designs to suit your exact needs.

vehicle scale terminal

METTLER TOLEDO weighing terminals deliver optimal performance, flexibility and ease of use. From basic weighing needs to advanced integration, our vehicle scale terminals offer high-quality controls for your weighing operation.

remote display truck weighing

Utilizing the right vehicle scale accessories can save you time and money. We offer a variety of different options for vehicle scale accessory applications including remote weight displays, traffic management systems and ticket printers.

portable truck scale

Portable weighbridges are ideal for operations such as logging, sand, gravel, construction, road building and concrete batching that require movement between job sites. The steel-deck truck scale withholds pressure of heavy loads to ensure lasting strength.

overhead track truck weighing

Convert existing track sections into accurate scales and save time by weighing products as they are transported. METTLER TOLEDO monorail weigh modules are ideal for manufacturing and assembly lines used for process control, material handling, steel and automotive applications.