January 24, 2019

Scale Maintenance: Why it is crucial to have your scale regularly serviced.


Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is crucial for the longevity and accuracy of your scale. Routine calibrations and preventative maintenance prolong the lifespan of the weighing instruments, and ensure they will continue to operate to specification. These precautionary measures will save time and unnecessary loss due to inaccuracy.


Prevent Loss

Not only do unexpected repairs come with unexpected costs, but inaccurate measurements could be causing you to lose money every day. Inaccurate measurements can be caused by anything from debris buildup, to the machine simply needing to be re-calibrated. These issues can also cause breaks or malfunctions with your equipment that result in additional bills. Rusty’s Weigh staff are trained to spot and remedy issues that could cause future breaks, allowing you to protect your investment and avoid costly delays in production. In some areas of production, being off by as little as 5lbs can cause thousands of dollars to be lost in the long run. By having your scale regularly maintained and calibrated by Rusty’s Weigh qualified staff, you are ensuring you get the most out of your investment.


Prevent Inaccurate Measurements

Water, debris and other external factors can affect the performance of your scale. In harsh environments, weather and temperature fluctuations can cause measurements to be inaccurate, costing your business money and efficiency. Diagnosing and correcting minor issues early on can help in preventing inaccuracies and expensive down time. Having a certified technician check and calibrate your scale will ensure your scale remains reliable. Another factor that should be taken into consideration, is the frequency the equipment is used. While some equipment can stand to be calibrated only once or twice a year, heavily used scales should be checked and maintained more frequently. Call Rusty’s Weigh today to find out if your scale is due for a tune up.


Optimize Your Time

In the business world time is money. By taking preventative measures you can ensure you will not have any unexpected delays or ceases in production. Our operations managers and technicians have been trained to identify opportunities to help you increase efficiency and productivity through the implementation of proper preventative maintenance and calibration procedures. By registering in one of our preventative maintenance programs you will insure regular, quality care to you equipment while also upholding warranties. By taking the time to schedule a preventative maintenance appointment, you could save hours of down time in the future.

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